Thursday, October 26, 2006

On False Starts and New Beginnings

Filled with fire and hope, and a bit of free time, I strode boldly out into the wild Blogosphere and staked out this tiny claim on the fringes of the vast settled landscape of Blogger. Filled with purpose and visions of the future, I put (virtual) pen to (virtual) paper and produced my first two postings.

And then promptly forgot about it all for 6 months.

But now, with the gentle encouragement (read: non-stop nagging) of my beloved father, I am once again taking up this noble crusade and perhaps, perhaps, might actually post a bit. Whether anyone reads it, of course, I know not. (Though I do know that if a certain father doesn't read it and comment, well, let's just say that Oedipus may be best remembered for one thing, but he killed his father in righteous rage long before that...)

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